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Melon Petites 

Growing melons in your garden needn’t take an acre of land full of  sprawling vines to savor the taste of summer sweetness. We’re introducing a select series Petite Melons that will appeal to every palate and for those with limited space these baseball sized Melons can be grown up as well as out! Perfect for a trellis or cage, the fruit can be harvested right off your back patio and eaten at the height of ripeness!


Allure: This early Ananas type melon is super prolific with crisp light gold flesh. It matures in 65 – 68 days and weighs in at about 1.5 lbs. Rind pattern is a light net on a yellow / orange rind.




Coral: At a mere 1 lb average weight, this is one of our smallest melons in our lineup. About the size of a softball it’s the perfect personal melon with bright orange flesh that can be picked off a patio trellis and enjoyed as an after school snack. Imagine the possibilities!



Echo: Now here is a unique hybrid melon with plenty of eye appeal. Echo has a smooth gold rind, elongated oval shape and pale green to ivory flesh. It’s another good producer with high brix flavor that weighs in between 2 – 3 lbs. One our largest minis!




Gallo: Here is a mini Galia with excellent uniformity that is sure to please. With a light green flesh and tight cavity it has an attractive presentation and maximum flesh for its size. Maturity is 70 days for a 1.5 to 2 lbs melon.



Ivory: An Ananas type mini with creamy white flesh and a lightly netted rind. Ivory is an excellent shipper with a 16+ brix measurement. Average fruit weight, 1.5 to 2 lbs and reaches maturity in 65 – 75 days.




Luna: The perfect melon to add that finishing touch to breakfast or any meal. With crisp ivory flesh, high yield and a smooth white rind package you’ll be asking for seconds and it has the yield to provide. Weight is 1-1.5 lbs, Maturity 75 – 80 days.



Zena: This LSL mini boasts both high brix and yield. It’s rind color change is a reliable ripeness indicator when mature and the flesh is bright orange with a tight cavity. Maturity in 75 – 80 Days.




Whether your growing for the local market or looking to provide a healthy after school snack these melons were selected for maxim eye appeal, excellent flavor and small size that sets them apart from the old standbys.