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Wholesale Seed Company

Growing sweet fruits and crisp vegetables depends on a lot of variables—the climate, the soil, rainfall, and your skills as a gardener or farmer. However, all of these factors could align perfectly and still give you a subpar crop if you don’t have the right seeds.

When you’re searching for vegetable seeds, turn to SPS Dorsing Seeds, Inc. We ship to distributors all over the world who want to grow unique hybrids or more traditional crops.

At our wholesale seed company, we continuously strive to provide high-quality customer service during each and every interaction. We listen to customer feedback and do what we can to meet your demands and requests. Let us know how we can help with your seed needs.

Offering a Wide Variety of Vegetable & Fruit Seeds

Explore our products to find the seeds you want. We have an expansive inventory and offer most major edible plant seeds, including:

Peppers | Beans | Broccoli | Herbs | Spinach & Cauliflower | Brussel Sprouts | Carrots | Lettuce & Kale | Tomatoes | Onions | Corn

Each of the items listed on our Products page has several sub-varieties, making it easy to get the specific plant you want. We also include information about:

How Long It Takes the Plant to Mature
What the Plant Will Look Like When It Matures
What Kind of Yield You Can Expect
What the Fruit or Vegetable Should Taste Like
In addition to more traditional seeds, we also have heirloom seeds available. There are also hybrid seeds available for fruits and vegetable that look and taste unique. Whatever you want to grow on your farm or in your garden, we want to help.

Helping Your Business Grow

At our wholesale seed company, we work with farmers across the globe to ensure their harvests are bountiful. While we can’t teach people the fundamentals of growing crops, we can provide the fundamental element—the seeds.

Whether you need very specific types of seeds or you’re unsure what to plant, we’re here to help. Because we have worked with clients around the world, we understand which seeds will do better in specific environments. We’re happy to make recommendations if you need inspiration about what to plant next.

We’ve Recently Expanded to Better Serve Our Customers

It wasn’t until recently that we were purchased by South Pacific Seeds. With a new team and recommitted effort for meeting the needs of the seed industry, we encourage the review of our products for your needs. We recognize that our business will grow only based on the continued growth our customers’ businesses. Our focus will continue to be serving you by providing traditional and heirloom seed varieties. In addition to our traditional business, we have initiated a strategy to augment these offerings with much-anticipated launches of new hybrid and open-pollinated products that entice growers globally. These new product offerings are systematically selected to provide benefit to the end user in either production capacity, product quality as in the Hybrid Kuroda Carrot, or consumer traits such as the Melon Petite Series that provides amateur gardeners tremendous flavor in a small consumable package.

The recent affiliation with South Pacific Seeds further solidifies our position as a seed supplier focusing on quality using in-house seed processing capacities. We are one of few wholesale seed companies focused on traditional and heirloom varieties that also apply in-house modern processing technology to ensure that the product delivered is pure.

Contact us today to learn more about our vegetable seeds. We proudly work with farmers nationally and internationally.