Welcome to South Pacific Seeds-Dorsing Inc. With a new team and recommitted effort for, meeting the needs of the seed industry we encourage the review of our products for your needs. We recognize that our business will grow only based on the continued growth our customers businesses. SPS Dorsing’s focus will continue to serve you, the user of seed, providing traditional, and heirloom seed varieties. In addition to our traditional business we have initiated a strategy to augment these offerings with much anticipated launches of new hybrid and OP products that entice growers globally. These new product offerings are systematically selected to provide benefit to the end user in either production capacity, product quality as in the Hybrid Kuroda Carrot or consumer traits such as the Melon Petite Series that provides the amateur gardener tremendous flavor in a small consumable package.

The recent affiliation with South Pacific Seeds further solidifies our position as a seed supplier focusing on quality using in-house seed processing capacities.  SPS Dorsing is one of few seed companies focused on traditional, heirloom varieties that also apply in house modern processing technology to ensure that the product delivered is pure and vigorous similar to proprietary F1 items at an exponentially higher price. Welcome to our site and please share your thoughts on how we can better serve you in the future.

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